Breast Augmentation Revision

Whether a woman had her initial Breast Augmentation procedure recently or more than a decade ago, women who are concerned about the way their breasts look or feel following their procedure may want to consider a Breast Augmentation Revision.

Breast Augmentation Revision

Why are Women Undergoing Revisions?

Three of the most common reasons that women choose to have an Augmentation Revision surgery:

  • Rupture of implants
  • To change the size of the implant; and/or
  • Correct capsular contracture
  • Concern regarding breast implant illness

Initial Consultation

Patients discuss with Dr. Thomassen the changes that they would like made to their breasts during their surgery. For example, Dr. Thomassen will want to know what size and shape the patient would like her breasts to be.  In addition, Dr. Thomassen takes pictures at the consultation to use as a reference for the patient’s surgery.

Whenever possible, patients should provide Dr. Thomassen with detailed information related to their previous Breast Implant surgery. This information should include any complications related to the surgery itself, recovery and/or infections that followed. Additionally, Dr. Thomassen needs to know details about the type of implant used in the prior surgery.

Furthermore, patients should bring information related to their current medications, herbal supplement and vitamin usage.


Just as with their initial Augmentation procedure, patients receive medications to remain comfortable throughout their Augmentation Revision surgery. Depending on the complexity of the surgery, it can be performed under IV sedation most of the time.


When creating the incisions, Dr. Thomassen tries to prevent additional scarring by working through the original scars; therefore, whenever possible, any repairs to, or removal of, the current implants, and placement of new implants will be completed via this entry point.

Capsular Contracture

Women whose breast implants are positioned improperly due to capsular contracture will need to have the scar tissue removed and the implants replaced.

Breast Repositioning

If implants need repositioning, this can be done from inside the implant cavity to avoid scars. However, if the issue is excess skin, then removal of skin in a mastopexy fashion may be required. Dr. Thomassen does his best to keep the incisions small and hidden within the natural contours of the patient’s body.

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