Privacy Policy

SMS Privacy Policy Statement

  • Thomassen Plastic Surgery SMS Program/Service:
    • Our SMS program/service, allows prospective and current patients to text our offices regarding procedure information, virtual consultations, and questions regarding recovery. The purpose of these communications is to educate patients regarding surgeries and answer any questions patients may have during the pre and post treatment course of their consultations.
  • Type of Personal Information Collected:
    • The types of personal information collected include: name, email, and phone numbers. We do not collect personal clinical information in our SMS system.
  • Methods of Personal Data Collection:
    • Personal information is only collected from online forms, emails or from text messages. This information is collected to be able to contact prospective patients and schedule new patient appointments. The information is also used to contact patients with email promotions from our office using Constant Contact.
  • Purpose of Data Collection:
    • The purpose of data collection is to be able to contact prospective and current patients in the pre and postop recovery stages. Also, this data is used to contact patients in the future regarding promotions and offers.
    • The purpose of SMS communications also includes improving patient experience with the ability to contact the office at all hours and obtain support regarding any questions that may arise during the course of their treatment.
  • Data Storage and Security Measures:
    • All our collected data is stored in secured private servers managed by Network Computer Pros. Security information can be obtained from Network Computer Pros. at (954) 880-0388.
  • User Rights and Options:
    • Users have a right to access, modify, or delete any information they have in our system by calling 954-771-0200. Simply speak with our office manager and the data will be treated in the appropriate fashion.