Why Choose Thomassen Plastic Surgery

When choosing a plastic surgeon for your care, you are looking for the best plastic surgeon that can provide you with the goals you desire. You need a surgeon that listens to you and your goals anbd concerns and has the competence to lead you through a successful pathway to these goals. Dr. Thomassen is not only highly qualified, but also provides the following to ensure your complete satisfaction:

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thomassen has completed Board Certification in Plastic Surgeon and has recredentialed successfully every 10 years. Some surgeons state that they are board certified but not in the specialty of Plastic Surgery or in a Board that is not Accredited by the Board of Medical Specialties.

Completed an Integrated Plastic Surgery Program with over 7 years of training in plastic surgery

Completing the Georgetown Integrated Plastic Surgery program provided Dr. Thomassen with a wealth of experience and education in multiple fields of plastic surgery, including cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction. Most training programs only provide 3 years of plastic surgery education after general surgery.

Over 17 years of practice experience in South Florida

Dr. Thomassen has practiced in South Florida for over 17 years. His knowledge of the field and experience in Plastic Surgery translates to excellent outcomes for his patients

Member of American Society of Plastic Surgery

As a member of this Society, Dr. Thomassen keeps up to date with the latest developments in Plastic Surgery to provide his patients with the best outcomes.

Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Trained with the worlds best reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons, specializing in Breast Reconstruction, and Cosmetic Surgery of the Face, Breast, and Body

Experience and education with leaders in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Reconstruction Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, and other types of reconstructive surgery means Dr. Thomassen can provide you with the best surgical care in the heart of South Florida

Extensive experience in microvascular surgery, head and neck reconstruction, hand surgery

Experience with the more complex reconstructive cases means you can trust Dr. Thomassen in handling more complex cases.

You will be under the care of one surgeon, not a group of surgeon’s that do not follow your individual care as closely

Dr. Thomassen will personally handle your care and will not have you follow up with other surgeons. Many surgery centers employ groups of surgeons that take turns in managing patient’s care. This leads to poor communication, loss of continuity of care, and less patient satisfaction. Dr. Thomassen will always be available during the entire preoperative, operative, and postoperative recovery periods.

Private Accredited OR that provides excellent anesthesia and recovery care

Dr. Thomassen provides you with an excellent private operating room, fully accredited and staffed with excellent nurses and anesthesia providers. You won’t have to depend on other centers to obtain the treatment you need. In addition, you can have the right anesthetic for your without being overly anesthetized. Many or our procedures are done with just oral or IV sedation for the quickest recovery.

Staff privileges in most major hospitals in Broward County

Dr. Thomassen is on staff at all the Broward Health hospitals and Holy Cross Hospital just minutes from our office.

Contact with specialists throughout South Florida area in case of need for subspecialty care in other disciplines.

Dr. Thomassen’s 17 years in practice means relationships with the best general surgeons, gynecological surgeons, and other subspecialists. For cases were subspecialty care is required, this care can be coordinated with ease.

Participate with most major health insurance for reconstructive procedures

Dr. Thomassen has been performing breast reconstruction procedures for over 17 years and participates with most insurance providers to ensure your reconstruction is covered.

Dr. Thomassen is an artist at heart, and endeavors to provide you with the most beautiful results

At the heart of our practice, is the love of giving our patient’s excellent results and providing the community with a caring and compassionate source for plastic surgery needs.

Fluent in Spanish and English

Dr. Thomassen is fluent in Spanish and English and strives to ensure optimal communication with his diverse patients in the South Florida Community.

Providing Excellence in Plastic Surgery Services

Thank you for choosing Dr. Thomassen and our staff at Thomassen Plastic Surgery. We look forward to meeting you!

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