Breast Reconstruction Results

Below you will find multiple breast reconstruction results.  These include expander/implant reconstructions, direct to implant reconstructions, as well as flap reconstructions like latissimus dorsi flaps and DIEP flaps.  These are before and after photos of procedures performed by Dr. Thomassen.  Come in to our office to see more examples of cases and understand how a breast reconstruction can help you achieve your desired look.  We have many more examples in our office.

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is most frequently performed throughout the world with implants.  The most common technique is a staged expander/implant technique.  Here are multiple examples.  Visit us to see more examples of this method of breast reconstruction. 

Breast Reconstruction with autologous tissue is a method of breast reconstruction after mastectomy that involves transfer of a patient’s own tissue to the chest wall to recreate a breast.  Multiple flaps are available including abdominal (DIEP), and back (Latissimus dorsi).