Today’s Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has evolved from a mostly reductive procedure, where nasal cartilages were reduced in size and bone excised and infractured to create a small nose, to a “Structural Rhinoplasty” where nasal cartilages are reshaped and repositioned with an attempt to preserve more of the inherent structure of the nose.

This has come as a result of changes in aesthetic ideals as well as a recognition that excessive reduction techniques can result in functional problems for patients. Weak tip cartilages from excessive reduction techniques can lead to incompetent nasal valves that result in breathing obstruction. Also, with time it has become evident that some onlay cartilage grafts used to create those very fine tips do not age well, and can warp and result in asymmetric odd tip shapes.

Patient’s rhinoplasty goals are varied, from a simple hump excision to more involved tip manipulation and asymmetry correction. However, in general, patients today are happier with maintaining a more natural appearance, preserving some of the traits that make their nose their own.

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