The Best Aftercare for your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

The Best Aftercare for your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure on

How nutrition, healthy living and consultation can make a difference

The point of plastic surgery is to empower you. It’s the essence of control; a definitive say over your own appearance and a new way of looking at yourself. It’s important to remember that while the term “plastic” surgery may sound inorganic, your surgery is still wholly you and partly your ongoing responsibility.

Like all parts of your body, an area where you’ve had a cosmetic procedure requires attentive and prolonged care. In our earlier blog, we covered ways to look after yourself in the short-term post-surgery. This time, we’re focusing on optimizing the long-term effects.

Limit your exposure to harmful UV rays

Many of the steps that maintain plastic surgery results are simply common sense. Foremost is being sun-savvy. Whether you’ve had a facial/neck procedure or something beneath the head, it’s very likely the area will be exposed to sunlight.

Excessive UV rays can wreak havoc on anyone’s skin and are particularly hazardous post-surgery. They can reach the skin’s deepest layers and cause damage such as leathering, discoloration, and loss of elasticity. All of these are counter-productive to the body-positive steps you’ve taken with surgery.

It’s important to let scarring heal as invisibly as possible. Harsh sunlight can enhance scars, so applying sunscreen with a higher SPF is prudent (layering your sunscreen is crucial for best results).

Clothing or a sun umbrella will also help reduce damage to your skin. Being sensible about UV exposure will protect you long after your surgery has been performed.

Factor in vitamins and nutrition

Lasting strength, structure, and stability are hallmarks of successful cosmetic procedures. You don’t want an area to falter or sag. Proper nutrition and vitamins play a supporting role in maintaining plastic surgery results. In particular, Vitamin C’s impact on collagen production and stabilization is beneficial, as this in-depth study illustrates. Getting adequate levels of Vitamin C (at least 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for women) will help to maintain any procedures you’ve undergone, as well as speed healing.

Eliminate smoking as a habit. It not only decimates the body, it inhibits the effects of Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A helps keep skin supple, Vitamin E promotes healing, and B vitamins encourage the formation of new cells. Incorporating these into your post-surgery lifestyle (washed down with lots of water for greater skin elasticity) will power your whole body and help maintain plastic surgery results. The best way to get these nutrients is with a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits in a variety of colors.

Also essential are healthy fats (olive oil, and those found in fish, nuts, and avocado are great), as well as enough protein to speed healing and maintain the body’s structure.

Maintain an optimal weight

Whichever surgery you’ve undergone, preventing yourself from becoming overweight is vital to preserving the cosmetic work. Skin sags naturally on its own; if we add excess weight to our bodies it only hastens the process and distorts the cosmetic effect.

Regular physical exercise manages body weight, strengthens muscles, and reduces body fat: three benefits that enable long-term post-surgical effects. If you’ve had liposuction or body contouring, these are the optimal times to heed this advice – but only after you’ve healed.

Always listen to your surgeon on when is safe to begin and maintain an exercise program. Stay active, eat well, and limit alcohol and your body (and procedure) will thank you.

Stay in touch with your cosmetic surgeon and physician

Gender, age, and other genetic factors can influence how long results last. But checking in with your cosmetic surgeon and adhering to the follow-up appointment schedule will ensure you’re looking and feeling your best.

A physician will appraise the work and your overall health while answering any ongoing questions or concerns. Their reassurance and encouragement are powerful tools in helping you remain positive and proactive post-surgery.

Ultimately, cosmetic procedures are an investment in every sense; from the initial cost of the procedure to the time and diligence in the following years. It’s certainly no chore to maintain the results. Indeed, surgery can become the catalyst for a better standard of living than you’ve ever achieved.

If you’re considering a procedure, we’re here to advise you on every part of the process from start to finish and beyond.

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