Chin Implants

Fort Lauderdale’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. John Michael Thomassen can use chin implants to increase the size of the chin or he can reduce the size and/or projection of a patient’s chin with a chin reduction surgery. With both of these procedures, Dr. Thomassen provides his patients with a natural-looking chin that is more proportionate to his or her other facial features.

The Chin Plays an Important Role in the Proportions of the Face

The chin greatly affects the overall appearance of the face; furthermore, the chin also plays an important role in the way the patient’s facial profile looks. For example, a chin that is proportionately too small for the other features of the face can cause the size of the nose and forehead to be exaggerated. Dr. John Michael Thomassen offers chin augmentation procedures with and without chin implants to the men and women of Fort Lauderdale, and its surrounding communities.

Chin Implants Are Used in Fort Lauderdale to Address a ‘Weak’ Chin

Dr. Thomassen frequently performs chin augmentation procedures using chin implants to correct a chin that is lacking adequate projection. This chin characteristic is referred to as a ‘weak’ chin. When a patient has a ‘weak’ chin, his or her nose and forehead appear larger than they truly are.

Chin Implant Surgery Can Be Combined with Other Plastic Surgery Procedures

Just as with nose reshaping surgery, a chin augmentation procedure with a chin implant can make significant changes to the overall proportions of the face and provide the patient with facial features that are not only more balanced, but also more defined.

Reasons Dr. John Michael Thomassen May Recommend a Chin Augmentation

When a patient’s face is not proportional, Dr. Thomassen may recommend that a patient has a chin augmentation to either increase (chin implant surgery) or decrease the size of the chin. A chin augmentation is designed to improve the proportions of the face by balancing the size of the jawline, nose and neck areas.

A Good Candidate for Chin Augmentation Surgery

A healthy man or woman who is dissatisfied with the way his or her chin looks is an excellent candidate for a chin augmentation. Some patients choose to have a rhinoplasty in conjunction with a chin augmentation procedure (with or without a chin implant). By having nose surgery at the same time as a chin augmentation, Dr. Thomassen is able to improve the overall balance of the patient’s face.

An Initial Consultation for Chin Implants in Fort Lauderdale

During the initial consultation with Dr. Thomassen at his office in Fort Lauderdale, patients should expect to discuss what they would like to accomplish with chin implants. In addition, patients who are interested in other plastic surgery procedures may want to inquire as to what other procedures he can combine with a chin augmentation.

Information Patients Should Bring with Them to Their Initial Consultation

Patients need to know the type, dosage and frequency of the medications they are taking; furthermore, they need to mention whether they smoke tobacco, drink alcoholic beverages or use recreational drugs. In addition, patients should also know the names and dosage of any vitamins or herbal supplements that they take.

Dr. Thomassen will want to know about any past surgical procedures (dates and where the procedures were performed) the patient has had as well as information related to his or her immediate family members’ medical history.

Special Considerations for Patients in and Around Fort Lauderdale Who Are Seeking Chin Implants

When determining the degree of chin prominence he can provide a patient using chin implants, Dr. Thomassen must take several things into consideration: For example, the amount of overlying skin and soft tissues the patient has will impact the extent of the projection he can provide a patient. These issues are addressed during the patient’s initial consultation at his office in Fort Lauderdale.

Chin Augmentations with Chin Implants – The Procedure

1. Anesthesia

Patients receive medications during their chin implant procedure to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the surgery. Patients will either receive general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

A chin augmentation with Dr. Thomassen in Fort Lauderdale is an outpatient procedure; therefore, patients will not be permitted to drive following their chin implant surgery. Patients will need to bring a licensed driver with them on the day of their procedure.

2. The Incisions

The incisions for chin implants are placed in areas that camouflage them well.

There are two areas where Dr. Thomassen usually makes the incisions for chin implants:

  • In the skin crease just beneath the patient’s chin.
  • Inside the mouth.

Prior to patients receiving their chin implants, Dr. Thomassen will discuss which technique he feels will suit the patient better.

3. A Pocket is Created

Once the incisions are created, the skin and soft tissue that rests over the patient’s chin area are lifted; thus, creating the pocket that will hold the chin implant.

4. The Chin Implant is Placed

Once the pocket is created, Dr. Thomassen will place the patient’s chin implant.

5. Closing the Incisions

Dr. Thomassen may use stitches that will be removed at his office in Fort Lauderdale within one or two weeks following the chin augmentation procedure. Following a chin augmentation with chin implants, he may decide to use absorbable sutures instead. Absorbable sutures do not require removal at his office in Fort Lauderdale.

What Patients Should Expect After a Chin Augmentation with Chin Implants

Chin implants will cause the tissues and skin of the chin to stretch. This stretching may lead to the patient experiencing temporary numbness. This numbness could last several weeks. Patients may also notice a feeling of tightness. The likelihood of a patient experiencing these aftereffects depends greatly on the degree of stretch that was necessary to achieve optimal correction results.

Recovering from a Chin Augmentation Procedure with Chin Implants

The majority of patients’ experience very little pain following a chin augmentation. Most describe a sensation of fullness and/or tightness in the chin area.

Dr. Thomassen will prescribe medications designed to relieve any discomfort patients feel following their chin augmentation procedure with chin implants; however, a great number of patients only need the medication for a couple of days after their procedure.

Patients may be required to wear a compression garment on their chins to minimize the incidence of inflammation in the chin area. This garment usually only needs to be worn for a week.

Patients should expect to experience:

  • Inflammation and bruising for up to 10 days.
  • To return to social activities and work within a week.
  • To refrain from strenuous and aerobic activity for at least 14 days.

A patient who needs his or her chin to be advanced significantly will require additional recovery time; therefore, it will likely take more time for his or her lip and chin to feel ‘normal.’ In the majority of cases, inflammation fades in approximately two weeks.

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