Breast Augmentation Revision

Whether a woman had her initial Breast Implant procedure recently or more than a decade ago, Women who are concerned about the way their breasts look or feel following their procedure may want to consider a Breast Augmentation Revision.

Implant Surgery Can Be Complex

Although some plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Fort Lauderdale perceive Augmentation surgery as a simple, rather routine procedure, it is actually fairly complex in nature and in its execution.

For a successful Breast Augmentation result, the surgeon must pay close attention to detail; furthermore, proper surgical techniques must be utilized. When attention to detail is disregarded and improper surgical techniques are used, patients can, and frequently do, develop complications.

When performing a patient’s initial Breast Implant procedure, Dr. Thomassen’s attention to detail and experience has helped minimize the need for his patients to seek Augmentation Revision surgery. Preventing the need for Augmentation Revision surgery is of the utmost importance to Dr. Thomassen and his staff.

Who Should Consider a Breast Augmentation Revision?

Three of the most common reasons that women choose to have an Augmentation Revision surgery:

  • to improve the way the breasts look and feel;
  • to change the size of the implant; and/or
  • to correct capsular contracture.

Breast Augmentation Revision – The Initial Consultation

During their initial consultation at Thomassen Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale, patients should expect Dr. Thomassen to examine their breasts.

He will want to know what the patient does not like about her breasts and/or what problems she is having with her implants.

Patients should be prepared to discuss the changes that they would like made during their surgery. For example, Dr. Thomassen will want to know what size and shape she would like her breasts to be. Pictures may be taken during the initial consultation to use as reference for the patient’s surgery as well as for comparison purposes after the Revision is complete.

Whenever possible, patients should provide Dr. Thomassen with detailed information related to their previous Breast Implant surgery. This information should include any complications related to the surgery itself, recovery and/or infections that followed. Additionally, Dr. Thomassen needs to know the date of the procedure and the name of the surgeon who performed the patient’s initial implant surgery.

Furthermore, patients should bring information related to their current medications, herbal supplement and vitamin usage. Dr. Thomassen also needs to know if the patient drinks alcoholic beverages, smokes tobacco or uses recreational drugs.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery – The Procedure

At Thomassen Plastic Surgery Suite in Fort Lauderdale, Augmentation Revision procedures are completed on an outpatient basis; therefore, patients need to bring a driver with them on the day of their surgery.

1. Anesthesia

Just as with their initial Augmentation procedure, patients receive medications to remain comfortable throughout their Augmentation Revision surgery with Dr. Thomassen in Fort Lauderdale.

2. The Incisions

When creating the incisions, Dr. Thomassen tries to prevent additional scarring by working through the original scars; therefore, whenever possible, any repairs to, or removal of, the current implants, and placement of new implants will be completed via this entry point.

The specific procedure and technique that Dr. Thomassen uses depends on the issue that he is correcting. If the problem being corrected has to do with a damaged or poorly placed implant, the procedure steps for an Augmentation Revision surgery will be similar to those steps followed during an initial Augmentation surgery.

Capsular Contracture

Women whose breasts are positioned improperly due to capsular contracture (a condition that occurs when the incisions do not heal correctly, causing the scar to overtighten) may need to have the original scar tissue removed and new incisions created.

Dr. Thomassen closely monitors all of his patients following their Breast Augmentations and Revisions to ensure capsular contracture does not become an issue.

3. Breast Repositioning

Dr. Thomassen will perform a procedure similar to a Breast Lift at his surgical suite in Fort Lauderdale for women whose breasts need to be repositioned. Repositioning may be necessary due to changes caused by a significant amount of weight loss or following a pregnancy. When repositioning is necessary, additional incisions may be required, especially if extra skin needs to be removed; however, Dr. Thomassen does his best to keep the incisions small and hidden within the natural contours of the patient’s body.

4. Incision Closure

Dr. Thomassen will close the incisions using sutures, skin adhesives, surgical tape or a combination of the three. Some sutures are absorbable, whereas others will need to be removed at Thomassen Plastic Surgery in Fort Lauderdale.

5. Applying the Dressings

Patients receive a sterile dressing and a soft, surgical bra.

6. Augmentation Revision Surgery – The Recovery

The amount of time it takes a patient to heal depends on the kind of Revision performed as well as the extent of the correction Dr. Thomassen achieved during the Revision procedure.

To Ensure Optimal Results, Patients Must Follow Their Post-Op Instructions

Following their Augmentation Revision procedure at Thomassen Plastic Surgery Suite in Fort Lauderdale, all patients will receive post-op instructions. To ensure optimal results, patients must follow these instructions.

Women in and around Fort Lauderdale who need an experienced plastic and/or reconstructive surgeon to perform their Augmentation Revision Surgery should contact Dr. John Michael Thomassen’s office today.